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What are the differences between the InstaDock and the InstaPlatform?

The InstaDock and the InstaPlatform are both made to the same high-quality standards, they are both Uber-tough, inflate fast and are highly portable and versatile. The InstaPlatorm was designed as a work-raft for performing yacht maintenance and other jobs on the water. As such, it is more stream-lined and doesn't have the luxury features of the InstaDock. Most notably:

  • The InstaDock has a teak-effect EVA surface, while the InstaPlatform has a rubber-effect EVA surface. Both surfaces are hard-wearing, non-slip and stain-resistant.

  • The InstaDock has an integrated InstaConnect system, allowing you to attach InstaDocks together in limitless configurations and to attach your InstaDock to other objects, such as your yacht or conventional dock. The InstaPlatform doesn't have a connection system as is designed as a stand-alone platform. It does have stainless steel D-rings on its sides for anchoring and attachment, so it is easy to use the InstaPlatform as a swim raft. The InstaDock has stainless steel D-rings sides and underneath as well.

What are the benefits of an InstaDock over a conventional wooden dock?

The InstaDock maximizes the fun of having a dock, while eliminating the hassle:

  • You can take it with you on your yacht, extending your boat's living space and creating a portable platform on the water.
  • It is lightweight and easy to install and move. If you don't like the location it is in, you can move it with little effort. You can have your dock inflated and in the water in 5 minutes.
  • You don't have to worry about ice damage or costly winter dock removal. Simply deflate, roll up and store your InstaDock for winter.
  • Wood just can't compete with the luxury of a soft, yet firm InstaDock surface. The surface maintains a comfortable temperature, eliminates places for dock spiders to hide and is forgiving when docking watercraft. No more splinters. This surface invites sunbathing and family fun.

How should I use my InstaDock?

The InstaDock is great for sunbathing, jumping, dancing, yoga, relaxing, playing, light (soft-edged) furniture, basically – it's made for your enjoyment. You can secure your InstaDock to shore or use it as a swim platform. It can be used as an extension to a conventional floating dock. You can take it with you on your boating trip and secure the dock to your boat when at anchor. You can easily attach multiple InstaDocks together with the integrated InstaConnect system. You can dock small watercraft, attaching them to the integrated stainless steel D rings on your InstaDock. The InstaDock is designed to maximize water fun.

How shouldn't I use my InstaDock or InstaPlatform

Please exercise common sense and be safe when using your InstaDock or InstaPlatform. Don't drag heavy objects across them or expose them to sharp objects. Don't allow boat propellers to come into contact with them. Don't overload the fittings (max 220lbs or 100kg). That means you can tie small watercraft to them, but they aren't appropriate for docking larger boats. Don't use in exposed bodies of water that have waves over 1 foot. The InstaDock is designed for use as a dock on small lakes and ponds or as a raft in larger bodies of water. The InstaPlatform is designed to be used as a raft. Don't use when winds are over 10 knots. Do not use in inclement weather. The InstaDock and InstaPlatform are not lifesaving devices. Children should wear lifejackets and be supervised at all times near water. Do not attempt to tow the InstaDock or InstaPlatform behind boats or other vehicles. Improper use could result in serious injury or death. Read and understand the safety and instructions manual that comes with your product before launching. Have fun the smart way – use your product safely and as it was intended.

What type of watercraft can I secure to my InstaDock?

The InstaDock is perfect for securing a jet ski, canoe, kayak, SUP board or inflatable toys. You can also dock small motor boats to your InstaDock, but be careful not to overload the fittings (max 220lbs or 100 kg). Move secured objects to shore in rough weather.

Can I use them on any body of water?

The InstaDock is intended for use as a dock on small lakes. Both the InstaDock and InstaPlatform can be used as a raft or swim platform on larger bodies of water. Do not use on exposed bodies of water that have waves over 1 foot or winds over 10 knots. Do not use in inclement weather.


What are they made of?

Uber tough 1000D PVC coated tarpaulin. Drop stitch material (that amazing stuff that allows us to build inflatables that are totally rigid and flat). The InstaDock is surfaced with top quality, slip-resistant EVA (that cushy stuff on the bottom of running shoes). The InstaPlatform is surfaced with top quality, slip-resistant, rubber-effect EVA.

What sizes do they come in?

The InstaDock comes in all three sizes. The InstaPlatform comes in Insta-3 and Insta-6 sizes.

  • Insta-3 (2m x 1.5m – for those who don't think in metric, that's 2.5 ft x 5 ft)
  • Insta-6 (2m x 3m – 9.8 ft x 6.6 ft)
  • Insta-10 (2m x 5m – 16.4 ft x 6.6 ft)
  • Insta-15 (3m x5m – 16.4 ft x 9.8 ft) is available as a custom order

How big are they and how much do they weigh for shipping and storage?

Rolling, not folding your deflated InstaDock or InstaPlatform is the proper method for storage. This makes them a little larger, but will keep the surface looking its best.

  • The Insta-3 weighs 16 kg (35 lbs) and has an approximate packing size of 150cm x 25cm (4.9 ft x 0.8 ft)
  • The Insta-6 weighs 24.8 kg (55 lbs) and has an approximate packing size of 240cm x 20cm (7.8 ft x 0.7 ft)
  • The Insta-10 weighs 39 kg (86 lbs) and has an approximate packing size of 240cm x 32cm (7.8 ft x 1.1 ft)
  • The Insta-15 (available by custom order only) weighs 57.5 kg (126 lbs) and has an approximate packing size of 320cm x 35cm (10.5 ft x 1.2 ft)

How hard is the surface?

When inflated to around 3.2 psi the InstaDock or InstaPlatform becomes rigid. You won't see it dent underfoot and it's hard enough to use light, smooth-edged furniture on. But it's soft enough to make it pleasurable to jump around and lie down on! The perfect meeting of hard and soft!

How tough are they?

Think more inflatable rescue boat tough than swimming pool raft. The InstaDock and InstaPlatform are built to last. Of course they are still inflatable products and punctures are possible. Use common sense. Keep them away from sharp rocks and other objects. Contact us for repair instructions in the event of a puncture.

Can I get splinters from the wooden surface on the InstaDock?

It's EVA wood effect. NO splinters, no spaces for dock spiders to hide, soft to the touch and perfect to lie down on.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes! We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. There is a one-year limited warranty on manufacturer defects.


How do I set up my InstaDock or InstaPlatform?

With very little effort! Your InstaDock or InstaPlatform can be inflated and in the water in 5 to 10 minutes. The included air pump is automatic, so inflate it at the closest power source before bringing it to the water. Integrated handles make it easy for two people or more people (depending on raft size) to carry the product to the water. The integrated water anchors will fill as it is placed in the water.

With the InstaDock, be sure to firmly connect your dock to shore in a manner that minimizes dock movement. If you desire more stability or are planning on docking small water craft to your InstaDock, we recommend adding conventional anchors. For complete installation instructions, see the safety and instructions manual included with your purchase.

How do I connect my InstaDock to shore?

It is important to have your InstaDock connected to shore in a manner than minimizes dock movement, providing the most stable walking surface. The nature of the shoreline informs how this might be done. On soft banks, the simplest method is often driving two stakes, connected together by a wooden board, into the bank and then securing the InstaDock using that as a shore anchor. Don't instal your InstaDock in a location where it might rub agains sharp rocks or other sharp objects. If you need assistance figuring out how to connect your InstaDock to shore, please email us a picture of your shoreline and we can provided suggestion for your unique environment.

For complete installation instructions, see the safety and instructions manual included with your purchase.

How do I connect InstaDocks to each other?

Connecting and disconnecting InstaDocks to each other is easily done using the InstaConnect system. The perimeters of each dock are rimmed with nylon webbing loops. The loops from one dock fit together with the loops from another like the teeth of a zipper. The InstaConnect poll slides through these loops when they are lined up, securing one InstaDock to another. Slowing twisting the pole as it is inserted through the webbing loops ensures that it slides easily. The InstaConnect system is integrated into all sides of each dock, providing you with maximum flexibility to easily configure them how you like!

For Complete installation instructions, see the safety and instructions manual included with your purchase.

What do I do with my InstaDock or InstaPlatform when I'm not using it?

We want you enjoying your time on the water, not spending it on maintenance. The InstaDock and InstaPlatform have been designed with that in mind. Your product can be removed from the water with as little effort as it took to instal it. Simple pull it back on shore and allow the integrated water anchors to drain. Allow it to dry, deflate, roll it up and store it until next time.

When we remove our InstaDocks and InstaPlatforms from the water, we like to give them a quick wash with biodegradable soap, warm water and a soft-bristle brush before deflating so that they look their best when we bring them out the next time.

For complete instructions, see the safety and instructions manual included with your purchase.

How do I clean my InstaDock or InstaPlatform?

The InstaDock and InstaPlatform surfaces are UV and stain resistant, so they don't need a lot of cleaning. We recommend giving them a quick wash with soapy water and a soft-bristle brush when you remove them from the water at the end of the season. Let them dry before deflating and rolling them for storage. This will ensure that they look their best for the next summer season.

How much should I inflate my InstaDock or InstaPlatform?

Inflate using the included automatic air pump to a maximum of 10 psi. Do not over inflate.